CAVITATIONS (hole in bone) 

Also referred to as Chronic Ostitis, NICO (Nuralgia Inducing Cavitation Osteonecrosis), Ischemic Osteonecrotic Bone, Ischemic Osteonecrosis, Avascular Necrosis, Bone Marrow Edima, Robert's Cyst, Ratner's Cyst, and many other names.


If you feel traditional dentistry is not enough to prevent, treat, or diagnose cavitations we would recommend listening to an interview with Dr. Michael Margolis to get his opinion of what a cavitation is and how it is best treated or prevented.  The interview aired August 28, 2015 and is titled "Hidden Jaw Infections" hosted by Dr. Dawn Ewing.

After listening to his interview, if you feel his approach matches your philosophy better than traditional oral surgery, you would have the option to see Dr. Margolis for care.  Dr. Lundstrom has also established a referral relationship with South Suburban Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons who are trained in removing cavitations.  If traditional oral surgery is a better fit for you, you have the option to see one of the excellent and traditional oral surgeons in our area.

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