Fargo Dentist Reviews – Jim Lundstrom, DDS

Over the years, many of our satisfied patients have written first-hand accounts about their experience with Lundstrom Family Dentistry. Below, we have included some of these dentist reviews and testimonials for you to read yourself. We love to hear what our patients think about us!! Please fill out a form on our Contact page. If you would prefer to email us, please email tolundstrom@ideaone.net. We look forward to hearing from you!


Killian W.

Becky W.

Steve L.

I'm a very nervous person when I go in to have my teeth done.  You and your team take the time to really make me feel comfortable and go the extra mile to help me have a great experience (even down to knowing the music I like to listen to).  I have and will continue to recommend you and your staff to friends and family as an awesome family dentist.  Thank you.

Deb M.

Over the years I have recommended Lundstrom to many friends and associates.  Since this was a re-scheduled appointment, I saw Ashley instead of Lyndsey.  Ashley was already familiar with me as well as my family and was able to inquire about their well being.  Very friendly and well informed staff, and I love grabbing a cup of  coffee on the way out the door.

Paul L.

We chose Lundstrom Dentistry for their state of the art safer amalgam removal, CariVu and one-visit crowns. Dr. Jim Lundstrom and staff are friendly and courteous and explain procedures well. We are pleased with their services and recommend them.

Shirley and Lawrence W.

So happy I found Dr. Lundstrom and his team. I've never had such a thorough dental exam or had a dentist spend so much time listening to me and answering my questions. I was really nervous getting my first crown, but he talked me through every step. Also, I have never had such a gentle but thorough cleaning. Highly recommend!

Teresa R.

Jim Lundstrom has a great team working with him from the time you enter the front door to the time you leave the team appreciates your business. They all respect your time and are very professional. I highly recommend their services.

Greg T.


I always have excellent care with Dr. Jim Lundstrom and the hygienist, Lyndsey. Had to have extensive dental work done the previous two years and wouldn't have gone anywhere else to have it done.

Joann J.

Dr. Lundstrom and staff have been professional and knowledgeable over the years.

Bill S.

I looked in the phone book to find a dentist near my home and it ended up being the best find! Dr. Lundstrom is excellent at what he does and a great guy to boot. The staff here are simply amazing. They remember my family every time we're there and make us feel special and most of all, "known". Small town feel in a big city dentist office. The kids like the treats too. I'd recommend them over and over.

Sueann C. 

 My husband and I have been searching for a dentist for the past year. We had been with our previous dentist for the past 33 years. We found what we were looking for at Dr. Lundstom's office! Dr Lundstrom and all his staff are so welcoming, kind and professional. I received a tour of the office and staff introductions upon my first visit. I felt so comfortable and at home. Dr Lundstrom and his staff have state of the art equipment, provide personalized comprehensive care and share the findings verbally and via a written copy. So impressed!

Lydia H.

Always a good experience.  My hygienist, Lyndsey, is very good and so pleasant.  At my last visit I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers for being the patient of the week.  That just made my day! And also, as my two grandkids were coming to visit, Lyndsey gave me a kid's toothbrush for each of them and sparkle toothpaste.  They just loved it!  So thank you Lyndsey and Dr. Jim for treating your patients like family and making them feel special. 

Marcia L.

Our family has been with the Lundstrom Family Dentistry practice since 1975.  We have always been pleased with their work and professionalism.  The staff are excellent as well and the atmosphere is always friendly.

James L.


Dr. Jim Lundstrom and his team are top notch.  They always greet me with a smile and are always willing to go above and beyond.  They truly care about their patients and it shows in the great service they provide.  I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Cathy K.

Dr. Lundstrom and his staff are great, friendly, and knowledgeable.  I would recommend them to anyone.


Jesse G.

Lundstrom Family is the best dentistry I've ever used, never mind that I've only used 3 in my life. The team is kind, friendly and invested in their patients. Never has an appointment I've scheduled (or rescheduled) caused me headache, confusion, or discomfort about the state of my teeth or my dental care. If that doesn't sway you: they serve cookies in the lobby, what dentists do you know of that are confident enough to serve cookies...   


Charles F.

A friend whose father was a dentist, suggested I see Dr. Lundstrom when I started looking for a new dentist. I am not a fan of dentists (thank you dentists in the 50's) and had a lot of anxiety at the thought of a dental appointment. I am also highly sensitive to pain. The location is not far from the interstate, and it's not in a super busy part of town. There is ample parking. My first impression upon entering the clinic, was very welcoming. It didn't seem like a clinic setting at all. Fireplace, coffee, tea, bottled water, cookies, and a separate child-friendly area, puts you at ease to start with. A friendly receptionist greeted me right away. My initial consultation was in a large bright room with lots of up to date equipment. Dr. Lundstrom and an assistant explained everything to me. I don't remember everything on that first visit, but thru subsequent visits, I had xrays and could see the results on a large flat screen on the wall. He fully understood the pain issue, and for all the visits that required crowns or fillings I was put totally at ease. Crowns are made and put in place in the same visit! He always seems to have the newest gadgets (the latest one is to detect cancer of the mouth sooner than later). I no longer have the anxiety upon entering the office. He has excellent technique and is very caring. He also has excellent referrals for implants and root canals. My hygienist is the best. I love getting my teeth cleaned! Billing is a breeze. I have no problems referring anyone to Lundstrom Family Dentistry.   


Denise N.

I have been going to Lundstrom Family Dentistry since 1990.  I first began seeing Jim's dad Fred and once Jim graduated I began seeing him.  He always puts his patient's first and is extremely caring.  He is very passionate about what he does and thoroughly addresses any concerns you may have.  He is very good about explaining everything to you following his exam and will give you all the options you have available.  I have a very small mouth resulting in 8 baby teeth getting pulled, braces ,and TMJ as possible result from orthodontia, yet I have never feared going back to the dentist due to the fact that Dr. Jim and his wonderful staff are so great.  As a matter of fact, I love going to the dentist!!!


Laura F.

Was seeking a progressive dentist who could safely remove old mercury amalgams; Dr. Lundstrom came highly recommended.  He is personable, knowledgeable and accomodating (especially for those of us with dental "PTSD").  After 1 visit, my whole family transferred and even the kids don't dread going to the dentist now.  Ashley is great ~ thorough but gentle cleanings, my mouth is never sore afterward.  Highly recommend this clinic.


Michelle K.

Dr. Lundstrom has provided our dental care needs for several years - he is very passionate about his work, warm, and approachable.  My children and I receive very high quality care by he and his amazing staff.  He is very accurate and precise in his approach and always takes the time to explain things and answer any and all questions - our teeth are in terrific hands!   


Megan R.

Their whole team is on top of their game.  Zero complaints about anything there.  Well done.


Chris Z.

 Dr. Lundstrom and his staff have been our family dental care team for the last 15 years.  We have been very pleased with the quality of care and service we have received from Lundstrom Family Dentistry. I highly recommend any one who is looking for an experienced and professional dentist who sincerely cares for his patients to visit Dr. Lundstrom.


Mort S.

 Our 4 year old son recently saw Dr. Lundstrom for the first time and it went fantastic.  The Lundstrom team are great with kiddos and so nice to work with.


Holly M.

  I have been going to Dr. Lundstrom for years now he's always so caring and passionate.  His staff is even better, they have sent me congratulations cards and so forth! Very clean and relaxing.

Samantha R.

  Dr. Lundstrom does fabulous work! I was traumatized when I was hit in the mouth with a cue ball that shattered 3 of my teeth in half.  Dr. Lundstrom came in on a Saturday just to fix them for me.  He did such a great job repairing them.

Kelly J.

 Great Dentist and great staff.

Colin D.


Dr. Lundstrom is a highly skilled dentist who takes time and really listens to you.  His work is excellent and having his own lab makes things more precise and quicker.  His assistant is also very kind and thorough.  I would strongly recommend him.  My only wish is that he lived closer.  I live over 2 1/2 hours away but it is worth the drive to have him as my dentist.

Debra H.


 The cutting edge technology and great concern for my well being is something you don't see every day.  Thank you all.

Donna H. 



Dr. Lundstrom takes the time to be precise when looking after your smile. He is compassionate and caring, always advocating for his patient's best interest. His staff is always helpful and kind. Thank you!

Wendy R.



Dr. Lundstrom, Your group is professional and delightful. Thank you for a job well done.

Tania P.



I had two crowns.  I was thrilled to have my teeth prepped and have the crowns placed within the same appointment.  The wait went quickly due to being able to stay in the original room, read, and listen to music on headphones.  Everyone wanted to make sure my experience was as pleasant as possible.

Joni B.



I highly recommend Dr. Lundstrom and his Team!!! There are no words to explain how I was and still am being treated by these kind people.  I walked in their door knowing I was going to have many demands due to my allergies and restrictions of material use.  I was terrified, nervous, excited and more all at once.  Dr. Lundstrom stopped everything he was doing and sat across from me and listened.  He listened to me and my health story.  Not once did he criticize me for my health needs and personal choices.  I honestly cried after he told me he believes I have options with his materials and we would look into every material used that I would be exposed to.  I knew my life was about to change.  I was relieved!

My experience with Dr. Lundstrom and his Team is beyond what I knew was available to me in Fargo, ND.  The whole team is fantastic!  I walked into this office with the highest level of dental anxiety ever from my needs and how I was treated at other dental offices and left that same day knowing everything was going to finally be done the way I needed it to be.  I have now had two procedures free of anxiety.  I have many other procedures to complete before the damage done to my teeth from health issues is fixed but I am not nervous or scared to have the work done anymore.  I trust Dr. Lundstrom and his Team because they are treating me as me and because they are exceptional at what they do! I'm not just a patient there, I'm Jaci.

Jaci J.



My family and I moved to Fargo 14 years ago, when the time came to find a reliable dentist we asked friends and co-workers.  From both mine and my husband's office 4 people recommended Lundstrom Family Dentistry.  I thought wow, who is this dentist that has such loyal customers, so I being the first in the family who needed some work went to Lundstrom Family.  Dr. Lundstrom is great! Not only him but his knowledgeable staff as well.  My questions were answered, my needs were met and my billing was thoroughly explained.  After that first visit I knew Lundstrom Family would be my family's dentist, and it has since 2001.

Colleen A.



The best dental hygienists ever.  Easy in and easy out for appointments including crown work in the same day.  I recommend the dentist and hygienists!

Clover E.



From the moment I walk in the door the staff greets me and all others by name.  During my appointment things are always being explained, recommendations given, and even praises offered.  I feel that the entire team at Lundstrom Family Dentistry goes above and beyond from entry to exit.

Todd A.



Their whole team is on top of their game.  Zero complaints about anything there.  Well done.

Chris Z.



Between Dr. Lundstrom and his father, they have been working on my teeth for over 30 years.  Dr. Lundstrom is a top notch dentist who also happens to do fantastic work when it comes to cosmetics.  His staff is second to none!

Tank M.



We are so happy to have switched.  They are always so caring, kind, personable and yet very professional and knowledgeable.

Alicia H.



I've been going here for over 15 years and I always receive great care.  The team is great!  Everyone takes the time to make sure your visit is great and that you are completely happy.

Jana K.



Love going to see Dr. Lundstrom and his staff.  They are always very friendly and can answer all my questions right on the spot.  They are always on time and do a great job. 

Kim I.



Since I've been going to Dr. Lundstrom my overall smile has improved by leaps and bounds.  I finally feel comfortable smiling in photos again.  He does such an amazing job on keeping true to your natural look.  I would definitely recommend Dr. Lundstrom and his team because they have always given me the best experience I've ever had at the dentist!

Steve L.



I was searching for a dentist in town after living in Fargo for a few years.  I had called around to a couple different offices and no one could get me in before the end of the year.  One of those offices then recommended me to Lundstrom Family Dentistry and I couldn't be happier.  This office is very welcoming and has a very friendly staff that greets you by first name every time you walk through the door.  They do great work and are always willing to explain the reasons behind their recommendations of care.  They use current technology and practices with everything they do.  I would recommend Lundstrom Family Dentistry to anyone looking for a great office in the Fargo/ Moorhead area.

Anthony K.



I drove 200 miles to see Dr. Jim about a dental procedure, because I deal with metal allergies.  I was 100% satisfied.  He was very friendly, patient, courteous, and professional.  His assistant, Tanya, also did a wonderful job and she had such a pleasant personality.  I will be making a return trip soon to complete a bridge and do additional dental procedures.

Angie T.



Got a crown put in the same day I was seen.  Not a cheap metal crown but one that was custom cut for me right in the office.  Only took ten mins or so to be cut by the machine.  Wasn't cheap but by all means worth every cent.  Ashley is amazing when I get my teeth cleaned  she does a great job and always friendly.  Staff is amazing and you can even watch Netflix on an over head tablet they have for you when you are in the chair getting your work done.  Definitely a huge plus if you have kids.  Not the cheapest place but do you really want a cheap place, or the best place.

Cory H.



Dr. Lundstrom does fabulous work!  I was traumatized when I was hit in the mouth with a cue ball that shattered 3 of my teeth in half.  Dr. Lundstrom came in on a Saturday just to fix them for me.  He did such a great job repairing them.  They looked almost identical to my original teeth.  He made me feel like me again, which I'm grateful for.  I've been to other dentists & Dr. Lundstrom is hands down the best! I would recommend him to anyone.  All the staff there are friendly & welcoming.

Kelly J.


Absolutely love coming in and getting my teeth nice and clean while catching up with Ashley!  So glad I found you and your office.


Jennifer W.


Everyone seemed very nice and helpful. Jami came and introduced herself which was good as she and I had done all the discussions about our treatments by phone or email so it was good to meet her.

Marjorie S.

Friendly staff, good service, nice facility.

 Michael C.


Thank you Dr. Lundstrom for doing a great job on my tooth!!

Paige J.

 Courtious and friendly!  They were great at giving facts and not "over selling".  They gave me option and didn't make me feel bad for not doing the options right away.

Tammy M.

I just had a crown (on a tooth which required a root canal) prepared, created at my dentists office using the latest digital scanning technology and a milling machine in my dentists lab, in one appointment that was 2 1/2 hours with a 30 minute break mid appointment. 

The crown fit perfectly right away as my dentist used the software and digital images of my mouth, and I was in and out in one appointment with no discomfort!  The latest technology in dentistry is awesome!  The big things (scanner and milling machine) and the little things (the new tools made of special materials) worked together to reduce time and increase comfort!


Without this technology, it would have been two appointments, a week apart;  with a temporary crown that I would only hope lasts until the actual crown.  The crown from the lab would then have to be shaped to fit perfect.  Now it is 2 1/2 hours instead of twice as long away from my work because of two appointments!!

Dan H.


 They were very thorough and explained my options well.

Alyssa B.

Friendly atmosphere, very thorough

George W.


 Dear Dr. Lundstrom & Staff

Thank you so much for taking care of our daughter Savannah.  We appreciate the speediness and caring for her baby tooth.  We couldn't ask for a better team of professionals.  We know our family's teeth are in excellent hands.  Thank you! Be Well!

Gena, Jeff, & Savannah E.


 I have suffered from TMJ over the last 10 years with pain and discomfort.  I sought help from many dentists, none were able to help me but then I met Dr. Lundstrom and his staff.  Now after a couple of weeks I am pain free and finally able to enjoy my new bite and smile.  Thank you so much for caring about me and my smile...you all are awesome!!

Mary E.


 Very friendly people, clean office, and very professional

Joshua H. 

Very Professional


Robert H.


 Excellent staff & service! We love this dentist office :)

Jon A.


I wanted to thank Jim and his assistant for doing such a pain free job today on my tooh!

Carmen S.


Dearest Dr. Lundstrom and Staff,

As you know my family and I have moved around quite a bit in the last 15 years and let me just say that there is no one out there like you.  You and your staff are absolutely brilliant!

You are all so professional, helpful, kind, and sensitive....Thank you for treating me and for taking such great care of me; I feel great! :)

Elena R.


 The atmosphere & staff were excellent, as well as my level of care.  Jami was wonderful and really took care of me!

Melanie A.

 My visit was friendly and very comfortable


Cody R.

I'm glad I was referred to your office! 

LaDonna A.


Staff is extremely friendly and professional

 Jason G.

Just called and had to bail on my appointment with Lundstrom Family Dentistry... I moved. Thought I'd drop you a quick message and say thanks for the work you all have done for me! I enjoyed coming in (and you can't say that about the dentist to often :D)


Mark H.


 Your staff was very friendly and caring.

 Dorothy J.

Friendly staff, clean office!  Even have cookies and coffee at the dentist!


Eric N.


Nice office.  Friendly Staff!


Kathryn E.


 Very Friendly Atmosphere

 Sharyn W.


The friendliness of the staff was impressive.  I like how they took the time to explain insurance coverage and out of pocket expenses.

 Natalie R.


Quality of service was great.  Very friendly and helpful.  My dental assistant was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions!

Josh P.


Dentists are not my favorite people but this one was an exception.  I had a really great experience and the staff was very friendly!!

 Amrita G.

Good service and friendly staff.  I liked the personal attention I got.

Raghav K.

Fast, Friendly, and Quality Service

Dustin G.


I felt they were very friendly and professional.  They made my visit enjoyable and not full of anxiety.

Harrison D.


Very professional and explains things. 

 Nick G.


I was extremely satisfied with their effort to address my questions and concerns.  Dr. Jim took time to talk to me and explain things.  ALL the staff was very friendly and professional.

Frances R.


My treatment involved a complicated matter.  ALL the staff was extremely patient and understanding.  At 52 years of age I've seen alot of dentists, Lundstrom Family Dentistry is the best I've experienced.

Peter M.


How do you know you have an awesome dentist?  When your kids say, "YAY" when you tell them that today is the day they go to see Dr. Lundstrom!


It's true - my kids (ages 6, 8 and 8) actually cheer - loudly - when I tell them it's "Dentist Day."  My husband and I and our three children have all been patients of Dr. Lundstrom (and his very wonderful staff) for over 5 years...and my 3 kids have a total of ZERO cavities!  How's that for a testimonial!  I'm the proudest mom ever.  


I am so grateful for Dr. Lundstrom and his team of friendly, sweet, fun and gentle dental hygienists.  I love them all!  They are all so nice to me and my kids.  I have no qualms at all about recommending Dr. Lundstrom and his team to all the moms in Fargo.  Really - Dr. Lunstrom is a truly nice man who is a great dentist!


Lauralee Oenick



Very professional and thorough.

Annette R.

The Lundstrom team is absolutely fabulous.  Our 5-year-old son recently had his check-up/cleaning, and Lyndsey once again made the "trip to the dentist" a fun one.  Our 3-year-old son will have his first appointment in a couple weeks; I'm sure he'll love Lyndsey, too!

Kate M.

As a long-time patient of Dr. Lundstrom, I would often ask about orthodontic work during my regular cleanings. I had always dreamed of having straight, beautiful teeth but at 32 years old I wasn't quite ready for a mouth of metal. Dr. Jim suggested clear repositioners for my top teeth. He was confident he could produce results I would be happy with, WITHOUT the metal! He made a series of clear trays that were used over a period of approximately 1 year. I can now say that I have the straight teeth I never thought were possible! My friends, family, and coworkers were amazed at the results. I am very proud of my smile! The entire staff and Dr. Jim are Top Notch and I would whole heartedly recommend Lundstrom Family Dentistry to anyone interested in a great cosmetic dentistry experience!

Kristi K.

Best I've ever felt in a dentist office! They are so friendly. Loved how everyone was and how in depth my exam was, not only with my teeth but what I can do to help outside the office.

Veronica C.

I was absolutely horrified that I would never get my smile back after knocking out two teeth and breaking one. Dr. Lundstrom and his team did everything they could to get me in fast and fix my teeth. They were so patient friendly and knowledgeable. I have appreciated everything they have done for me and I can honestly say that my smile is better now than before my accident!

Tracey K.

The staff was very friendly and I did not feel self-conscious about my teeth as other dentists have made me feel. Haley was really patient and kind with me too as I have a bad gag-reflex. Thank you Haley!

Lance S.

I began my process of a complete overhaul of my teeth in early 2011 with Dr. Lundstrom and his competent assistants! Many unexpected things happened when my old crowns were removed because of the bad condition of my gums and teeth. Dr. Jim and his staff were very patient, kind, and professional in caring for each procedure that needed attention. I am very pleased with the final result of how my new teeth look and feel. I would highly recommend Lundstrom Family Dentistry for any dental needs a person may have.

Mary Lou

I love the use of the latest technology! They are a very knowledgeable and professional staff.

Karri H.

Lundstrom Family Dentistry is an outstanding dental practice committed to the highest standard of patient care. Dr. Lundstrom and his Office Coordinator, Jami, didn't hesitate to come in after hours when I had a crown come off. Jim didn't want me to go all weekend without it so he asked his friend if they could take a detour into the office so he could see a patient quickly. Jami was willing to come in last minute after hours and change gears from office management to dental assistant to best serve me, the patient. They are much appreciated and I would highly recommend everyone to Lundstrom Family Dentistry! Not only do I put full trust in Dr. Lundstrom and his team, I have seen first hand the beautiful smiles they create! Thank you for taking such good care of me and my family!

Schepp Family

Dr. Lundstrom's attention to detail and caring makes me feel important every time I have an appointment. Thank you for the quality care and excellent service you give to me and my family.


I was impressed by the service I received and the friendliness of the staff.

Sergio C.

We love what Dr. Lundstrom has done for our smiles! We just can't stop staring in the mirror. It's Amazing!! Thank You, Thank You!!!

Marisa & Kate

Dr. Lundstrom and staff were extremely professional and caring. The atmosphere was very relaxed and they have a beautiful facility. During my appointment, I was greeted with a friendly hello and smile as I entered the building. Dr. Lundstrom was very open with me during my check up and explained things as he went along. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone!! Fantastic staff and service. A+

Mark H.

I would like to take the time to thank all your wonderful and helpful staff in giving me the answers, comfort, and encouragement to ask questions when I felt like I should. The Staff at Lundstrom Dental are loving, patient, and ultimately very helpful when you need them. They are simply a blessing to me and my family. Thanks guys! I am one of their patients that had to get 2 false teeth in my jaw and they were with me and answered every question like one should! Thanks you guys for your work. I, and many others, would not even know that I have the false teeth. Thank you (all of you) again! God bless you and be with you always! :)

Katie G.

A huge thank you to Dr. Lundstrom and his whole team for turning my "gummy" smile into a bright white one! I am so happy with the results of my gingivectomy. Before I had this done, I would try to alter my smile in pictures so my gums wouldn't show. Now I have the confidence to show the world my WHOLE bright white smile!


Dr. Jim

I want to thank you for your amazing artistic talent with my smile. When I walked in for my consultation I stood before you with teeth that had large spaces, were discolored from coffee and worn down to nothing from years of extensive grinding. As you explained the procedure and identified my options, I was amazed at the things that you could do to transform my smile. Today I look in the mirror and celebrate my inner and outer beauty as I no longer feel the need to hide my teeth when I smile. You have opened the door of confidence and I know other’s will see my beauty inside and out through my bright new smile. Thank you for my renewed confidence of beauty… inside and out!

Shelly Gompf
Mrs. North Dakota International 2010

My teeth look better than they have in years!! Thank you for all your great work!


Jim Lundstrom gave me back my smile. I had numerous issues with my front teeth; lost veneers, root canal, and serious staining. Jim whitened my teeth, and fitted me with four crowns . Jim and his staff took the time to know me and my dental needs. He explained procedures and options in a way I could understand and adopted a course of treatment that fit my budget and schedule. I feel fully confident in recommending Dr. Lundstrom to anyone whether it be for a regular check-up or major dental reconstruction.

Kristine T.

I am so glad that I finally found a dentist that I actually enjoy visiting. I always have a great experience at Lundstrom Family Dentistry. Your staff is soooooo friendly and always very welcoming!


I hadn't been to the dentist in quite some time! As soon as I stepped into Dr. Lundstrom's office the nervousness went away. I was promptly greeted by the front staff and was cared for quite quickly. The assistant and hygienist were extremely friendly and helpful. Dr. Lundstrom was very helpful and knowledgeable. He was quick and thorough and explained everything very well!! I would recommend him to all of my friends and family!

Challis W.

I had a crown the other day, and instead of two visits, it was accomplished in one. They did the pre-crown work, a cleaning, and by then they were ready to do the crown. I really appreciated that they were able to get this all done in one visit vs. two. I highly recommend Dr. Lundstrom.

Jeff H.

I really appreciated your service and the non-rush atmosphere. We weren't a number to you!

Marci F.

I have been to Dr. Lundstrom's office for numerous visits over the last two years. The staff is friendly and efficient. Jami and Erin always take good care of me. Dr. Lundstrom is very skilled. He has provided cosmetic and general services and each time he is great. He asks great questions to make sure he understands what you are looking for. The end result is as good or better than expected. The dental exams and cleanings are an experience like being at the spa. You leave feeling like you were treated for an hour and you leave with toothpaste, floss, etc. to keep you going in the right direction with your dental care. The staff really gets to know you as a person and I like that they really listen and remember what you have told them.

Jodi J.

Great professional service; Hospitality is awesome! Thanks for the great service! It is always a positive experience at our dental visits.


My questions are always answered. Very knowledgeable, happy staff! Every visit is a positive experience start to finish. Keep up the great service!

Kathy H.

Always on time, always friendly, and level of care and detail is exceptional.

Lora M.

Everyone was friendly, helpful, and wanted to serve our needs. Dr. Lundstrom is knowledgeable and takes time to explain things.

Elizabeth S.

Beautiful office, wonderful staff, great dentist, and hygienists! Keep up the good Work!

M & R Shannon

We love coming to see you and get our teeth cleaned!!

Danelle, Danika, and Kendra

I feel well taken care of here!

Rita S.

The office keeps good tabs on what I need and when I need it. Good work by both the dentist and his team.

Paul K.

Best dental service I have ever had! End to end fantastic! Thanks so much!!

Mark M.

The office is very inviting, the staff is always professional, and Dr. L is a great dentist.

Shelby E.

The staff couldn't be nicer, I never mind going to the dentist!

Sonia C.

Great Staff! I am not the easiest patient and they are great to me. Appointments are always on time!

Deborah J.

Love your staff!! Keep up the great work, so comfortable!!

Jodi B.

EVERYONE here is professional, extremely talented, happy, and friendly! You ALL are AWESOME!

John M.

Everyone is so friendly and Dr. Lundstrom makes it easy to understand everything.

Inga S.

I felt comfortable and relaxed my entire visit. Very pleased with the work done and glad we switched to your office for our dental care!

Dennis W.

Dr. Lundstrom is FANTASTIC!! I always suggest him to anyone I know! All the ladies are so nice and sweet...makes going to the dentist not so scary for someone who doesn't like getting her teeth touched! Thanks for all your great work!!

Star-Ann S.

Everything was fantastic! The dental assistant, hygienist, and Dr. Lundstrom did an amazing job. They made me feel good about my teeth!!

Challis W.

Very friendly staff, greatest care! I highly recommend Dr. Lundstrom!

Ellen G.

I've always been treated with care! The staff is so friendly and professional!

Sharon S.

Friendly staff, spotless facility, and a great location! I have always received excellent service from my dental hygienist, she is a great gal!

Elaine T.

Dr. Jim....thanks for YOUR great smile and excellent service!

Lois T.

I would refer a friend or family member based on the first hand experience I had and the good dental care I received when I visited. I appreciate the ambience and environment in the dental office.

Ben P.

Very friendly staff, nice facility, and up to date technology

Michelle T.

Friendly staff and great atmosphere!

Dana A.

Caring and Professional Staff! Excellent care, made me feel at ease!

Susan P.

Wonderful service and excellent staff

Sara B.

Very nice and easy to work with. Explained everything, so easy to understand!

Elisha K.

Great staff and facility. Felt very welcomed during my visit.

Sam J.

I would refer a family member or friend to the office because they provide excellent care. They are caring and compassionate and very friendly!

David C.

I'm very happy with my new dentist. The exam was the most thorough I've had to date!!

Holly O.

Very friendly staff, answered all my questions. Overall very pleased.

Torri T.

Excellent service, Nice staff

Teddy C.

Each person I spoke with was professional & helpful.

Gina B.

Very polite, professional, and knowledgeable staff.

Megan H.



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