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Complete Dental Exam:

A comprehensive dental exam is provided to evaluate your existing restorations and detect new decay. A complete dental exam is necessary in order to begin this process.  The comprehensive exam includes the following:

1.  Complete set of Digital X-rays
        To make a thorough evaluation a full mouth set of x-rays is taken.

2.  Comprehensive Exam

It is important to check for worn or damaged fillings, weakened teeth, changes in bite alignment, new decay, and health of the gums, to provide you with a treatment plan that is tailored to meet your needs.

3.  Periodontal Evaluation

This involves checking the gum tissue health to provide you with a proper diagnosis of any possible concerns or areas needing improvement so proper home care and clinical treatment can be recommended.

Important Pre-Treatment Considerations:

1.  Be informed and ask yourself –

Do I have all the information I need?

Is there any danger to my teeth if I choose cosmetic replacement?

2.  Dental materials choice

Composites vs. lab resins vs. glass vs. porcelain vs. gold

Visit our Dental Materials page for more information on the materials we use in our practice.

Please see the California Sheet on Dental Materials, click here!

IMPORTANT: We provide no diagnostic procedure in this office to determine whether your fillings are affecting your health.  We recommend you consult with your health care provider if you think amalgam removal will improve or eliminate a medical condition.  We also have the right to refuse treatment that is discretionary.


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