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It is important we inform you that we are not allowed to encourage you to remove your amalgam fillings in the absence of an allergic reaction to the amalgam itself.  Therefore, we cannot recommend dental amalgam removal for our patients.  It is your right to make decisions regarding your own health care and you may select the type of health care you wish to receive.  Our purpose is to help you participate in an informed consent process before making any treatment decisions. 

The information we provide will help you make an informed decision about whether you wish to have your amalgams removed.  When we state that a certain authority has indicated that treatment should be performed in a certain way, we are by no means endorsing a certain philosophy.  Our purpose is only to help you become familiar with the various philosophies and to provide the treatment that you request. 


 Our Goal:

  • Provide our informed consent to emphasize that it is your choice when you have your amalgams removed and to explain the potential risk of damaging tooth structure during removal.
  • Discuss the cost of amalgam removal.
  • It is our obligation to recommend that you consult with your health care provider especially if you believe that amalgam removal will improve or eliminate a medical condition.


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